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View from the (StoneX) south stand: Saracens 33 Sale 22 [GP]

Life’s inevitabilities: death, taxes and Sale blowing a bonus point two minutes from full-time.

Admittedly, I didn’t really expect a win – although I did feel that this could be one of our best chances to finally get one; which, quite honestly, we should have. That we didn’t boiled down to two things: some dubious playing decisions and Alex Goode.

Oh, if only it had been Andy Goode out there, not Alex.

I’ve been staring at my screen for a couple of days now, wondering what to write about this game but I have nothing. We could have won; we should have won; we didn’t win. We even managed to blow the losing bonus point, which would have been the least we deserved.

At least the losing margin wasn’t as wide as the SAMP™ prediction would have had it…

In lieu of words, have some pictures.

Incidentally, the StoneX is quite impressive: I like the way the entry is to the whole complex, not just the stand (it seems quicker to get in), there are loads of decent food and booze outlets and it’s just overall a good-looking place.

But, oh, those bloody stanchions…

This result does mean that beating Gloucester is now imperative if we want to hang on to our league position over the autumn international period. Glos have two games in hand and are only four points behind, so we need a try bonus and to deny them anything. Even then, it only gives us a nine-point margin and we have two blank weekends coming up in short order. Yeah, yeah, early days, long way to go, blah, blah, blah. And, yes, dropping down a place or two wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s much easier to finish high up the table if you stay high up the table throughout.

The prediction for Glos is

SAMP–5Sale 27 Gloucester 20
SAMP–10Sale 27 Gloucester 19

Oh, yeah: it looks like we might have lost O’Flats for a few weeks with a jaw injury (broken?). Plus Ben and Cobus went off with ankle injuries, I don’t know if they were serious.

Ho, hum.



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