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View from the Birtles: Sale 36 Worcester 34 [AP15]

Overheard in the bowels of the RFU:

“Bad news, sir. The oiks have noticed.”

“What?! Noticed what?”

“That we completely shafted the north when we announced the teams for next season’s AP15s.”

“Damn. They’ll probably start making a fuss; shaking spears, painting themselves with woad, that sort of thing.”

“What shall we do, sir?”

“I suppose we’d better let them in, then, or we’ll never hear the end of it.”

“But won’t that look a bit like a humiliating climbdown, sir?”

“Good point… I know! We’ll say it’s conditional.”

“Conditional on what, sir?”

“Does it matter?”

“I suppose not, sir.”

The title is a lie, by the way. The Birtles was closed for maintenance, so it’s really the view from everywhere but The Birtles.

Anyway, it was a cracking game: a proper dogfight, a 12-try thriller. Sale went two tries up, then Worcester scored three before Sale levelled things up just before the halftime break. Then we got the reverse of the first half as Worcester pulled away with a couple of tries before Sale regained the lead with three more tries. Then Worcester managed their own sixth try right at the death, with just a single conversion being the difference between the teams.

And the RFU thought neither team were good enough to be included from the outset…



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